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Our Mission

Bushlife Conservancy protects and saves African wildlife for future generations in the Zambezi Valley areas of Zimbabwe.

Our Approach

We accomplish our mission primarily by funding the work of Bushlife Support Unit Trust, a Zimbabwean nonprofit trust. Bushlife Support Unit Trust (BSUT) was established by Nick and Des Murray of Bushlife Safaris, and is based in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe. BSUT has a strong history of collaboration with Zimbabwe’s Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) including:

  • The enforcement of antipoaching efforts to protect elephants, pangolins, painted dogs, and other wildlife.
  • Promoting the conservation of natural resources.
  • Supporting Zimparks Rangers and their families.
  • Funding health, welfare and educational projects for local communities bordering the Park.

BSUT’s hard work has paid off over the years, saving the lives of hundreds of wild animals.

Our Goals

We envision a future where elephants, pangolins, painted dogs and other wildlife in the Zambezi Valley roam freely in their natural habitat without risk of death from human causes. Success depends on conservation education and sustainable community development that improves the lives of the local rural population, eliminating habitat fragmentation and alleviating pressure on habitat boundaries.

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