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The Elephant Monitoring Program


With Zimparks permission, four iconic elephants were collared in 2018 and five more elephants were collared in 2019.


Placing collars and satellite tracking is expensive. It costs $5000 for each elephant collared.


Our donors purchased the collars, veterinary supplies and satellite tracking.


Veterinary services were donated and provided by Aware Vets and the Wildlife Unit of Veterinary Services.


All precautions are taken to ensure the health, safety and recovery of the animal.


Using the satellite tracking, we work with Zimparks to track and research elephant behavior.


Collaring iconic bull elephants offers extra protection when they leave the Park and enter the adjacent hunting areas.


In 2020, we intend to collar another five elephants. By tracking their whereabouts we can help avoid conflicts with adjacent communities.


The movements of trophy bulls will also be surveilled and compared to the activities of cows and younger bulls.

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