Introducing the Iconic Elephants of Mana Pools

Bushlife Conservancy keeps a close watch on the elephant herds of Mana Pools and the lower Zambezi Valley.
This includes tracking some of the iconic “upright standing” bull elephants of Mana Pools National Park.


Our dear friend, Boswell, can be seen dining in the trees and visiting with friends. Boswell is very social, but he also enjoys his alone time. The family unit is of the utmost importance to him.


Fred is an all-around great guy. As you can see, he is light on his feet and is known for his great dance moves (yes, as in Fred Astaire).


Impi is a roguish fellow with a mercurial attitude. His name in Zulu means war or combat. He has been known to show affection for people the first time he meets them; however, the next interaction may be totally different. He may act like he doesn’t know you or take a run at you as a joke. Impi is an active swimmer and enjoys canoers and slow walking safaris.


Bruce is a generous old soul and a great friend of Nick. He loves the woodlands, making friends, seeing new sites, traveling throughout the Park, and meeting others passionate about conservation.


You can always find Lisa surrounded by her family. She was one of the first females collared in Mana Pools in 2019. She is warm hearted, kind, and a reliable matriarch of her herd.


Harry relishes his vegetarian diet, spends lots of time walking about, and takes occasional dips in the pools.


Tusker is our man about town. He is an old soul who loves to meet and greet, when he is not napping. Tusker is the representative for our “Tusker Ranger Fund”.


Mrs. Tusker enjoys cooling off in the water during the hot winter months. Usually she can be found with her herd since family is her number one priority.
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