Welcome to our first edition of BUSHLIFE NEWS
November 9, 2017
Dynasties Painted Wolf reaches the States
January 19, 2019

Happy New Year

Goredzva Rakanaka


As we tip-toe, like Elephants, into the New Year, Bushlife Conservancy welcomes you to our New, Updated Facebook Page.



We are so Grateful and Thankful for the generous donations we have received during our Year End Campaign.
Your magnanimous giving of $30,689.00 will allow us to continue our vital anti-poaching work in Mana Pools National Park.
We appreciate all our altruistic repeat donors.  We are thrilled to thank and welcome 29 new, first time donors to our cause.
We especially thank The Lawler Family Trust for their exceptional generosity in offering a matching fund for a new, much needed vehicle.  The successful completion of this challenge allows us to purchase this vehicle during this perilous rainy season.



We are looking forward to the much anticipated airing of the exciting new TV series, Dynasties. Nick Murray led the BBC team that filmed the episode on the Wild Dogs in Mana Pools Vundu Camp.
Follow the Painted Wolf Conservancy page on Facebook.
We will be posting regular updates again on Facebook so please stay tuned and share.
Bushlife Conservancy, 216 F St., #112, Davis, CA 95616
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