With Zimparks’ permission, we began the elephant monitoring program in 2018. Currently 15 elephants in Mana Pools and the surrounding Zambezi Valley are fitted with collars.

Placing collars and satellite tracking is expensive. Generally, it costs $5,000 for each elephant collared. When a helicopter is needed, rent and fuel is additional. Our donors purchased the collars, veterinary supplies, helicopter services, and satellite tracking.

A properly trained and licensed individual fires the anesthetic dart, then the team works quickly to attach the tracker before an antidote is injected. All precautions are taken to ensure the health, safety, and recovery of the animal.

Collaring iconic bull elephants offers extra protection when they leave the national park and enter the adjacent hunting areas. We also use the collars to help avoid conflicts with adjacent communities by alerting villagers when the herd approaches their crops.