Welcome to the founding members of the Tusker Ranger Fund!
Bushlife Conservancy sends our heartfelt Thank You to the founding members below! Read more about our Tusker Ranger Fund (TRF), which kicked-off on Sep 13 and runs through National Elephant Appreciation Day, Sunday Sep 22.
Abby Shuman
Beth Brock & Bob Greenawalt
Ed Callen & Patsy Samuel
Jeff Lynn
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Joe & Deb James
Mara Perkins
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Peggy Catron & Jerry Premo 
What is one reason that the National Park Rangers of Mana Pools and Bushlife Conservancy need your support? Working together we will fulfill our conservation mission: to protect and save African wildlife for future generations in Mana Pools and the Zambezi Valley areas of Zimbabwe.
We value our donors, who help to support this conservation mission.
Thank you!

National Elephant Appreciation Day - Sep 22

National Elephant Appreciation Day, established in 1996, is the happy elephant day. This is when we celebrate the largest land mammal in the world! To learn some fun facts about elephants which can be  shared with your up and coming conservationists, please follow this link to National Geographic Kids.


A tale from Mana - Puppies Birth Announcement and New Arrivals

We have an exciting report from Nick Murray, President of Bushlife Conservancy and Founding Trustee of Bushlife Support Unit Trust. There are painted wolf puppies in the Park! 
Violet, Blacktip’s daughter and the new alpha female of the Nyakasanga painted wolf pack, has had a litter of puppies. Violet was pregnant by Jiani. You might recall in our July newsletter that we reported Jiani was killed by another predator, most likely a lion, sometime early in July. This litter with Violet was the last litter Jiani fathered.

This is Violet’s first litter and there are five beautiful and healthy painted wolf puppies. On the 13th of July this year, Nick saw her chose the same den that her mother Blacktip used for denning. Here you see some beautiful pictures from Nick showing the five pups!

In addition to these new puppies, a pack of painted wolves will be released in the eastern part of the Park. This pack is a transfer from Hwange National Park, and will add to the growing population of painted wolves in the lower Zambezi Valley.

Bushlife Conservancy Manager Update

On a recent Saturday morning we were able to catch up by phone with Freedom Hlongwane Nkululeko in the field. We introduced you to Freedom, the Manager for Bushlife Support Unit (BSU), in the June newsletter. 

So, what is happening on the ground in Mana Pools? Park Rangers are being shifted between national parks which happens periodically, so this is a time of transition. BSU will be adding ten new Tracker positions. These team members will help with the understaffing of rangers in the Park, which is a longstanding challenge due to the poor economy and revenue base. The Trackers will also help coverage during these times of transition. Bushlife Conservancy is seeking your help to fund these new positions.

Freedom stresses that the people of Zimbabwe continue their commitment to conserving the country’s animals and natural resources. They jealously guard these national treasures from animal trafficking and poaching influences so that future generations will benefit from them. They see protection of their environment as their obligation as a Nation, not only for the benefit of local people but for the world. Their African forefathers preached this, and Freedom reminds his countrymen of their commitment. 

Freedom recognizes these are commitments that must be made in the absence of politics and in spite of the poverty that is an ongoing concern in Zimbabwe. Freedom is troubled by the international influences on the local communities as they impact poaching. He strives to garner support “to save our priceless friends who have no voice”.
There are many ways you can help. One way is to please DONATE NOW


The Drought Continues 

The drought continues throughout much of Southern Africa due to the lack of precipitation during the past rainy season. This is having a devastating impact on the flora and fauna in Mana Pools, including its elephant population. In August, BSU purchased 400 bales of Rhodes grass hay from the high veld to be distributed in the Park to relieve some of the stress. 

The response to the hay delivery has been great – elephant, buffalo, zebra, and waterbuck found this new food source life-saving. Even guinea fowl, scratching around the hay for seeds, were able to benefit.  Hay deliveries will continue monthly until the rains begin. 

Thanks to our friends and fellow conservationists in Harare, Dave and Lara England, for their assistance in making this possible by sourcing the grass and transporting this August delivery to Mana.

Tusker Ranger Fund Kick-Off
Sep 13 - Sep 22 

It is our dream to recruit 100 donors to provide $100 per month to the newly established Tusker Ranger Fund which will fund the cost of anti-poaching patrols for an entire year. This commitment is critical as it would allow BC to expand our conservation efforts in so many ways. We already have 15 donors who made the commitment. Would you consider joining them?

What is supplied on anti-poaching patrols?
Bushlife Conservancy pays for the equipment and personnel that support the National Park Rangers in the protection of the Park and the lower Zambezi Valley. This includes funding the purchase and maintenance of the vehicles and the wages of the drivers who transport the Rangers around the Park.  We also fund most of the resources needed by these driver/ranger teams during deployment – tents, fuel, food, water, sleeping bags, first aide supplies, almost anything required for their health and welfare while they are performing their activities in the Park.
What can we do if you support this cost?
Bushlife Conservancy has demonstrated it is a reliable partner in Mana Pools and the lower Zambezi Valley. But more needs to be done. We must fund new Tracker positions to compensate for the unfunded ranger positions in the park. Community resources must be developed and maintained to ensure that the rangers’ families staying within the Park and the local people in the communities on its boundaries continue to benefit from conservation and protection of the environment and species. We need to fund payments to informers for information that leads to the successful arrest and conviction of illegal poaching activities in the park. We cannot do this without your support! 
This is what a remote field base that has been funded by Bushlife Conservancy looks like. It provides basic comforts for a driver and a Park Ranger.

Who is protected by our anti-poaching teams? 

Tusker and all the wildlife in the Park, the painted wolf, the pangolin.  All of the wildlife  that is at risk.  It is conservation being undertaken by the local people of Zimbabwe and supported by all of us. 

With your help, Tusker and all the iconic ladies and gentlemen of Mana Pools are safer as it is a community of support. 

How can you make a monthly donation?
Please log onto our website to make a secure (U.S. tax deductible) DONATION or send a check directly to:
Bushlife Conservancy
216 F Street #112
Davis, CA 95616 

Other Ways You Help

Share your photographs of Mana Pools

Do you have beautiful photographs from your excursion to Mana Pools?  We are updating our Bushlife Conservancy website and we are looking for inspiring photographs to share the story of Mana Pools. We also use photos in this newsletter and in our grant proposals to funding agencies. If you would let us give consideration to a couple of your best photographs, please send to

Thank you to Dr. Jean-Marie Girardot for his picture of Painted Wolves and to Ms. Diane Rezak for Boswell with a baby ellie.  Both were used in a grant proposal we recently submitted for funding. We will share both in upcoming newsletters.

Share this newsletter

Please consider sharing this newsletter with friends and family who might be interested in learning about our efforts.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the United States.  Since our inception in 2016, we have supported the on-the-ground efforts of the Zimbabwe non-profit Bushlife Support Unit Trust.  Nick Murray is the President of the Board of Directors for BC.

Donate through AmazonSmile
Another easy way to give to BC is through AmazonSmile, a website operated through Amazon with the same products, prices and features as  The difference is when you shop on AmazonSmile, the Amazon Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of the eligible products to Bushlife Conservancy if you make us the charitable organization of your choice. 

Here’s how to shop AmazonSmile:

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Charitable donation from your IRA account
Finally, those of our donors who will be required to take a mandatory retirement distribution, there is a tax benefit to making a charitable donation out of your IRA account and some other retirement plans prior to receiving the distribution. One can check with their tax advisor to see where they might benefit from such a distribution to Bushlife Conservancy.  Your consideration is appreciated!


Thank you again for your generous support without which we would not exist. The Wildlife of Majestic Mana Pools are so grateful to you too!

Nick Murray, President    Beth Brock, Treasurer   Ed Callen, Secretary

Board Members:  Alison Nolting, Mara Perkins  
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