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Donate Today to Save African Wildlife

When you make a tax deductible donation to Bushlife Conservancy, you’re becoming a partner in protecting some of the most endangered and beloved wildlife on the planet.


Our mission at Bushlife Conservancy is to protect and save African wildlife for future generations in the Mana Pools and Zambezi Valley areas of Zimbabwe.

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What We Do.



The most important work that Bushlife Conservancy undertakes is anti-poaching, which is complex, dangerous, and requires a rigorous and systematic approach. Bushlife Conservancy provides equipment and logistical support for ranger patrols and coordinates efforts to identify, detain and arrest poachers throughout the Zambezi River Valley.


Monitoring and Tracking

Bushlife Conservancy undertakes constant monitoring of the herds and iconic elephants in the area to track and protect the elephants. One of our latest initiatives is the collaring of the iconic bulls in Mana Pools.


Infrastructure Development

The key to protecting Zimbabwe's elephants is to establish an ongoing ranger presence in vulnerable areas; this requires resources, equipment infrastructure such as roads built in remote regions, along with boats, vehicles and more.


Community Outreach

Bushlife Conservancy provides funding to support local community health and welfare needs, such as medical equipment and supplies for a local clinic, which will be the first of its kind in the area, and a school bus for local kids. The goal is to educate and provide resources to the community so that its members will in turn support wildlife conservation efforts in the area.

Our Achievements

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